The TikTok Tacos That Went Viral

Though quarantine times didn’t give us much to be excited about, it did provide us with the time to discover diverse foods that everyone could obsess over — one of those being the famous birria tacos. 

Last year, TikTok blew up with videos of people dunking a cheesy, meaty taco into a mouth-watering broth called birria tacos. Birria tacos are tacos stuffed with tender beef or lamb, more cheese than you would know what to do with and served with a side of broth to dunk your tacos in. Already sold? Then keep reading. 

Birria tacos are a Mexican dish that originated from the state of Jalisco. The good news here is you don’t have to travel very far to get your hands on some of these delicious tacos. In fact, you can try them at a local food truck in Provo called, “Red Tacos.” 

Red Tacos Food Truck opened up about a year ago. They specialize in “birria queso tacos estilo Jalisco,” which translates to, “Jalisco style.” This food truck is family-owned and quite the buzz around the Orem/Provo area. Located right off Freedom Blvd and right by Jimmy’s Auto Body Shop, texting or calling your order ahead of time is a good idea since these guys sell out real fast. They say when a menu is short, the food must be good, well, the options here are a taco or a taco. Of course, choose their birria taco combo. 

The birria taco combo, (Combo #1) comes with two queso tacos, two street tacos and a side of their consome, the broth to dunk your tacos in. Many people who come to Red Tacos will either eat in their car or bring a few chairs to enjoy their food in the parking lot, socially distanced of course. 

For roughly $13, Combo #1 is a good-sized meal with four stuffed tacos and a side of their broth. Considering the amount of food provided, the price is reasonable. Not to mention, everything is made to order and you can definitely tell. The corn tortillas were soft, pliable and they actually do double tortillas per taco to hold in all of the meat and cheese. On the side, you’re given cilantro, chopped onion, salsa and the broth. Having the toppings on the side was a nice touch to be able to customize our tacos to our liking. 

After assembling the tacos, step two of dunking them into the broth is next. They say the food tends to be good when everyone is left speechless after the first bite. The tortillas absorbed all of the flavors from the broth, then there was the tender beef and cheese galore to enjoy in between two freshly made tortillas. The best part? The tortillas were surprisingly crispy, which meant the taco didn’t get soggy despite dunking it into the broth. Though they were crispy, they didn’t appear to be greasy at all. As for the street tacos, they were a little smaller but just as flavorful. The amount of meat was generous and incredibly juicy. 

So, the verdict is in and  Red Tacos gets two thumbs up. Their food is insanely good, their employees are incredibly friendly and who doesn’t love to support a small business? Drooling over a TikTok is no longer a problem here, Red Taco will do just the trick. So if you’re a taco connoisseur, give Red Tacos a try and tell us what you think! 

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