The 2024 Grammys: What happened? 

Reading Time: 2 minutes The 66th Annual Grammy Awards (Grammys) occurred on Feb. 4, breaking records and causing new backlashes to arise.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Grammys are an awards ceremony in the United States that celebrates outstanding achievements made in the music industry. These trophies are considered the most prestigious awards that a person could get in the music industry. 

In 2023 the Grammys received major backlash due to creating an award, the “Dr. Dre Global Impact Award.” The reason behind this backlash was accusations of Dr. Dre being abusive by Dee Barnes. Dr. Dre eventually admitted to physically assaulting Barnes, got fined $2,500, and apologized for his actions. No further action was taken. 

This year, the Grammys broke records and created numerous controversies. Taylor Swift became the first person to get four Album of the Year awards. Boygenius became the first all-female group to win in the categories of Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song. 

Not everyone agreed with what happened at the Grammys this year. Jay-Z, the 2024 Dr. Dre Global Impact Award winner, protested the Grammys on stage during his acceptance speech. He mentioned that the Recording Academy is snubbing hard-working, black artists, like his wife Beyonce. 

During the Grammys, a rap artist named Killer Mike got arrested shortly after winning three Grammys in the rap category. He was charged with a misdemeanor, supposedly getting into a physical altercation. The actual reason for his arrest is still unclear. 

Not only that, but Taylor Swift received backlash for not thanking Celine Dion for presenting her Album of the Year. Rumors have been said that her team had to find her and get her to take a picture with Dion backstage to show her appreciation, as it was the first time that Dion appeared in public since being diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome in 2022. 

Overall, the 66th Grammy Awards appeared to be a success, regardless of the backlash. Artists won their first awards, beautiful recognition was given to deceased artists, and heart-stopping performances were made.