Sundance Film Festival 2024: The Latinx House 

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Latinx House celebrates its fifth year honoring the culture and influence of Latinx leaders, shaping the entertainment industry at the Sundance Film Festival 2024.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Sundance Film Festival has a lot more to see than films. While the films are arguably the main event, there are several unique lounges and houses offering their own attractions and experiences. This includes the Latinx House, a culturally-specific, RSVP-only house located near the top of Park City’s historic Main Street. The house is inside what is normally the OP Rockwell Cocktail Lounge and Music Hall.   

In a statement regarding the Latinx House, co-founder Olga Segura explained, “When we launched The Latinx House in 2019, we were committed to honoring the long legacy that Latinx creatives have built at the Sundance Film Festival.” In the five years since the House opened, she said, “we have built a home that’s welcoming and accepting of the journeys being told and inclusive of the leaders who are shaping our culture.”  

The other Latinx House co-founder, Mónica Ramirez, said “It’s wonderful to return to Sundance after building this casa over the past five years.” In the same statement, Ramirez recalled that since the house opened, “We have had the opportunity to witness increased representation at the festival, as well as the industry, and we have witnessed a strong community form over all of these years.”  

The venue hosted expert panels, receptions, and parties over the weekend of Jan. 18, each with their own specific purpose and goal. BeLatina explains that “These events are not just about celebrating cinematic achievements but also about addressing crucial issues like representation in the industry, climate change, and the challenges faced by banned books.” The house itself creates a space that “celebrates culture, filmmakers, storytellers, and the Latinx community and their allies.”  

The Latinx House collaborates with many other culturally significant venues including IllumiNative, the first indigenous house at the Sundance Film Festival. These houses are dedicated to celebrating and honoring the voice and influence many cultural groups have had in the film and entertainment industry. As BeLatina states, “Together, these hubs symbolize unity and solidarity, collectively pushing for diverse stories to be told and represented,” beginning at the Sundance Film Festival. “The Latinx House remains at the forefront of championing the power of over 63 million Latinx people across the country, proving that their stories are not just heard, but celebrated on a global stage.” These culturally specific houses have become a safe place to observe, commemorate, and honor diverse cultural influences within the film and entertainment industry.