“Six” the Musical: Six stories, six times the fun

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Six the Musical” makes a showstopping stop in Salt Lake City for the start of their 2024 North American tour.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

“Six” is a Broadway musical that originally premiered in February 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Broadway closed less than a month later, halting their production early. It was not until October 2021 that “Six” reopened.  

Unlike most Broadway musicals, “Six” is in the format of a pop concert. The story follows six women who married the same man: King Henry VIII. They bond over their marriages to this man but wonder who made the best queen. They decide to have the audience determine who had it the worst when it came to Henry VIII.  

It starts with Catherine of Aragon, who was married to Henry VIII for 24 years. She had a daughter named Mary, later known as “Bloody Mary,” which inspired a horror game played by kids. Henry VIII, distraught at having a daughter, divorced Catherine and married her lady-in-waiting, Anne Boleyn. 

Anne Boleyn married Henry VIII when he started the Church of England, making it so the two could get married regardless of Henry’s divorce. She also gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth, who would eventually become the queen of England. However, Anne Boleyn got beheaded for treason, leaving her kingdom and daughter behind.  

After that, Henry VIII married Jane Seymour. It is rumored that she was the only one he truly loved because she produced a son, unlike the previous wives. Unfortunately, due to the lack of medical care for pregnant women at the time, Jane Seymour died while giving birth. The son, Edward, only lived to be 15 years old after being raised to take over the country.  

Desperate for a new wife, Henry VIII sent a painter to bring back portraits of potential wives. He decided to marry Anne of Cleves, a German woman. However, he thought she was ugly and divorced her a few months after their marriage. 

He then decided to date Catherine Howard, the cousin of Anne Boleyn. Catherine Howard was around 16 years old when married to Henry VIII. She was known for having promiscuous relationships before and during their marriage. After finding out about her adultery, Henry VIII sentenced her to death, beheading her at only 18 years old.  

The last wife, Catherine Parr, was happily in love with Thomas Seymour, Jane Seymour’s brother. Yet, she was betrothed to Henry VIII and had to leave him. Luckily for her, Henry VIII died, and she was able to live happily ever after with Thomas. 

In the end, the six wives decide their stories are only told because of Henry VIII. They decide they should empower each other rather than compete. The show, though only 80 minutes long, has amazing lighting, costumes, and stories. The finale reminds everyone that they have worth and gives the audience what they consider the characters’ own happy endings.