Six spring 2024 fashion trends: What they are and how to wear them

Reading Time: 2 minutes Spring is for fresh starts, sunshine, and new fashion trends. In an efforts to get into the spirit of spring, these are the trends to look for.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Unlike other seasons in years past, spring 2024 fashion does not have an exact overarching theme. Instead, it is a collage of the varying moods and influences taken from the runway. With this accumulated list of trends, you will be prepared for every occasion.  

A little white dress  

The little black dress is an age-old closet staple, yet this season is all about the little white dress. A white dress and warm weather are a perfect match. In early spring, wear it with a denim jacket and boots. On those warmer days, pair it with sneakers to stay cool and comfortable. This piece is a blank canvas for styling and will never go out of style.  

Minimalist colorway  

Slight color blocking was shown on the runway by designers such as Tory Burch and Fendi. Integrating color always feels appropriate during the changing of seasons, and this trend is the perfect combination of adding color to the closet in an effortless way. This trend embodies the phrase, “Simple, yet significant.”  

Icy blue  

When the sun is out, it only feels right to add color to your look. This year, when integrating that pop of color into your outfit, this is the color to add. Icy blue has been seen all over the runway and can be easily blocked with any outfit. There are blue skies ahead, and even if you cannot see it, you can wear it.  

Out of office chic  

The office is not the only place for your blazers, trousers, and button-ups. This spring, you can expect to see office-inspired looks everywhere. At the forefront of this trend is a defining trouser silhouette, courtesy of Mr. Jonathan Anderson, creative director and founder of J.W. Anderson and creative director for Loewe. The designer ushered out an ultra-high-waisted, loose-fitting trouser silhouette that took the runway by storm.  

Pop goes the collar  

Mrs. Prada said the polo shirt feels right again; how is one supposed to disagree? An iconic staple of preppiness, it was revived on the runway in Miu Miu’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection. The polo shirt may feel and look preppy, but the ways to wear it are unlimited. The polo shirt on the runway has been styled with everything from board shorts to loose-fitting trousers to miniskirts. The options for styling this season are endless.  

Wrong shoe? Right outfit  

A simple styling trick that originated from TikTok stylist Allison Bornstein, the wrong shoe theory is an effortless way to spice up any outfit this season. Bornstein says the power behind this theory is the feeling that something is potentially “off.” “In working with clients and breaking down the style of our favorite celebrities, I realized what makes a look feel interesting and personal is the addition of accessories that feel slightly ’off,’” she said. You can start the wrong shoe theory by trying on the shoes that you would typically pair with an outfit, then try on a shoe that is the opposite of your first instinct. The “wrong shoe” might lead to the perfect outfit.  

Icy blue skies are ahead, and these trends display a blend of bright colors, unique silhouettes, and timeless closet staples, creating a unique and dynamic fashion tapestry. Spring 2024 promises to be a time where self-expression meets conscientious choices, making a positive impact on both our wardrobes and the world around us. Get ready to step into a season of style that not only reflects the beauty of spring but also the evolving values of the contemporary fashion industry.