Short Attention Span Theatre: A celebration of student work

Reading Time: 2 minutes A night full of varying emotions, the Short Attention Span Theatre prompted laughs and tears, and it definitely maintained the audience’s attention.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Short Attention Span Theatre consisted of five acts that each had their own plots, characters and feelings. These five acts made for a rollercoaster night that showcased UVU students and their talents. The black box theater made members of the audience feel like they were also a part of the show and showed how passionate the actors and actresses were about their work.

The beginning act of the night was set on a pirate ship. It was a comedic performance that followed two characters who were aspiring to be pirates. They participated in different tasks or challenges to discover which one of them would be the best pirate. The audience laughed as the pirates-to-be fought with swords and sang songs, all in an attempt to not walk the plank.

In contrast, the second act took an emotional turn. The second act observed a couple sleeping and then waking up to hear the horrible news that a character’s mother was in the hospital and was expected to pass away in the next 12 hours. Then, the characters faced obstacle after obstacle trying to get to the hospital. 

Act three showed the power of friendship. Two women were planning their wedding, when their friend burst through the door, seemingly upset. After the women prompted her, that friend broke down and opened up to her friends about her marriage. She says it was not going well and she would be getting divorced. Her friends then consoled and reminded her of her amazing qualities. 

Just as the title says, the Short Attention Span Theatre quickly changed the energy with the fourth performance. After the previous two more emotional acts, they showcased another comical performance for act four. The act contained a miscommunication between strangers. One was trying to go to Comicon, while the other, a lawyer, was trying to get to the courthouse to close a huge case. The mix-up led the two to getting into cars they were not supposed to. The act had the entire room laughing.

Finally, act five took place in a park, featuring two elderly women eating ice cream and gossiping. These two women were gossiping about a couple who had just met in the same park. They made jokes on chivalry and romance, but it ultimately had a solemn ending when one of the women, Blanche, was reminded of her deceased husband. It prompted both women to talk about their late husbands and all the amazing things they did. It ended with the couple who just met having a relationship, and the two elderly women felt peaceful. 

Overall, the Short Attention Span Theatre was exactly as described. It catered to many demographics and definitely maintained the audience’s attention.