Nightmare on 13th is full of delightful terror

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nightmare on 13th is a haunted attraction in Salt Lake City that is sure to be a blast for anyone who attends this Halloween season, and they are offering a special promotion just for UVU students.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

From the moment you enter the haunted attraction, Nightmare on 13th, you’re transported into another realm. Every facet of the location’s design immerses the attendee the moment they cross the threshold. 

While purchasing tickets outside, cast members in full costume interact with guests, offering a small taste of the atmosphere that will be experienced inside.  

The main draw, the Haunted House of Nightmare on 13th, often has a queue waiting to enter, which could take several minutes of anticipation before the journey begins. This is done in an effort to maintain the pacing of the attraction for all guests and is handled very well for such a large attraction with so many attendees. 

Ominous music greets your ears as you step into the darkness and make your way down long winding halls. The Haunted House contains 13 unique themes, each meticulously detailed and crafted. It will take multiple run-throughs to take it all in, especially as it all moves at a quick pace with the cast both adding surprises and ushering you forward. 

The themes both frighten and entertain. There is a haunted forest section filled with vines and seeds that turn humans into the living dead, which evokes memories of similar situations in fantasy games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Other themes may remind the attendee of their favorite movies, such as the “Pirate Cove,” or the classic 80s horror sections.  

In one section, simulated snow was falling down frost covered cliffs. An attendee remarked “This is Christmas!” and later said “[My favorite was] definitely the section where it was snowy. I thought it was going to be Krampus…I felt like I was outside in the snow…it was so cool!” 

Other sections make excellent use of light, shadow, and fog. A green light permeated a smoke-filled room, making it look like a swampy lake. An attendee could be heard saying, “Wow, this is so cool! It looks like a lake!” Their statement was followed by loud screams as a swamp monster-dressed actor leaped out of the fog! 

Nightmare on 13th has a second attraction called the Institute of Terror. Phillip Wright, Director of Marketing, said, “[The main haunted house] is themed with 13 nightmares, hence where it gets its name. Our bonus attraction, Institute of Terror, is an insane asylum…where the patients have gone mad from what they’ve seen in their dreams…so it’s like we took the people who’ve gone mad from the nightmares in the main attraction and put them here. [Institute of Terror] is much more real world [and] in your face.” 

This proved to be true. Having a single theme allows the Institute of Terror to explore its narrative in deeper depth. Attendees, when interviewed, remarked that it was the more frightening of the two, due to the usage of darkness, more “real” scenarios, and the use of texture. 

“It was a lot darker […] you definitely didn’t know where you were walking. There were some wet things in there and it was really gross and creepy!” an attendee had to say when asked about the Institute of Terror. 

For those with young children or those who seek a less frightening experience, check out the Day Haunt option. This experience increases the lighting and removes some of the intense scares, so you can enjoy the themes without being too frightened! 

Both the Haunted House in Nightmare on 13th and the Institute of Terror are fantastically detailed experiences to add to your list of events this Fall season.

Nightmare on 13th has offered discount coupon codes for UVU students: use code UVU for $8 off the main attraction and UVU13 for $3 discount on the Day Haunt. 

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