Has SSSniperwolf’s feud with Jacksfilms ruined her career as an influencer?

Reading Time: 2 minutes A recent fight between two popular YouTubers becomes viral after one goes to the extreme, causing YouTube to step in.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Since the summer of 2023, Jack Douglass, known as “Jacksfilms,” has been feuding with Alia Shelesh, known as “SSSniperwolf.” Douglass accused Shelesh of stealing content from other YouTube and TikTok creators, adding no importance to the content that she is reacting to. Shelesh currently has 34 million followers on YouTube, while Douglass only has 4.9 million. 

Shelesh originally did not react to these accusations. Douglass, in an attempt to prove Shelesh was committing a crime, created a second channel, “JJJacksfilms.” With this channel, Douglass created a game called “SSSniperwolf BBBingo.” In this game, he plays with his fans on Twitch as he reacts to Shelesh’s videos. The bingo consists of actions that Shelesh does, with the free space being “No Credit.” 

Within the past two months, Douglass has uploaded over 40 videos on “JJJacksfilms.” Since then, he has gained a following of over 2 million subscribers. Shelesh received backlash in her comments section and ignored it. Douglass claimed that he would not stop until every person got the credit they deserved and Shelesh got taken down. 

Eventually, Shelesh finally began to react to the backlash she received. She insulted Douglass through X. She has also mentioned him briefly in her reaction videos when she has seen something disgusting or creepy. Douglass has used these reactions to fuel his argument that YouTube will never touch her because of “pretty privilege,” a form of getting away with anything by being hot. 

Recently, Shelesh went to the extreme with this feud. She posted Douglass’s address to her 5 million Instagram followers, which falls under “doxxing.” In the state of California, where they reside, doxxing is a criminal offense. Shelesh said that she wanted to talk it out like adults, but her actions seemed to have malicious intent. Douglass made a video, calling for YouTube to step in. He and his wife, Erin, no longer feel safe in their home. 

Shelesh continued uploading reaction videos onto YouTube and would not address the situation. YouTube ended up commenting on the situation on X, which received backlash. After enough hate, they eventually released a statement saying that they temporarily demonetized Shelesh. A mere slap on the wrist was given to Shelesh, who still posts to this day. She apologized on X, but no one had any reaction other than anger for her choices. 

Shelesh has been under fire more as fans have been digging for more evidence against her. She was previously charged with armed robbery and assault, and videos of her preying on minors have resurfaced. Fans are speculating whether Douglass will press charges against Shelesh. There has been no confirmation from either side that legal actions are being taken. 

If Douglass’s efforts persist, there might be a chance that content on YouTube will change forever; original creators will get the recognition they deserve, and big-time YouTubers, such as Shelesh, will not profit from them. Though, with how YouTube works, that might take a long time. 

As of today, Shelesh is still posting per usual, but her comment sections are disabled. Douglass has not posted on YouTube since the doxxing incident.