Escapes In Time offers 6 thrilling escape rooms

Reading Time: 2 minutes With Halloween just around the corner, the perfect way to get into the spirit of the season is to try out an escape room with your friends at Escapes In Time.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Escapes In Time is offering thrill-seekers an exciting opportunity this Halloween with six distinct escape rooms. These interactive puzzles challenge participants to unravel mysteries, decode clues, and solve riddles, all within a limited timeframe. 

In one of the Halloween-themed rooms, “Calico Ghost Town,” participants will find themselves working together to escape from the clutches of the Hanging Judge. In this Wild West-themed adventure, guests are taken prisoner, awaiting their imminent hanging by a deranged judge who shows no mercy for the innocent. To secure their freedom, they must break into a series of safes, fortunately the past victims who haunt the jail have left behind concealed clues to aid in their escape.

Another Halloween room, “Curse of the Spider,” as described by Ron Mascio, owner of Escapes In Time, revolves around the scenario of a grandpa who has accidentally shattered an ancient artifact, unleashing a dreaded spider curse upon the city of Orem. The group’s mission is to locate all the artifact pieces and reassemble them to thwart the impending curse. This room is adorned with eerie spiders and intricate spider webs.

Despite the spooky themes of some of the rooms, Mascio emphasizes that “all our rooms are family-friendly.” For those new to escape rooms, they need not fret, as each room is overseen by a game master who monitors participants’ progress and provides hints and tips should they encounter challenges.

Attending Escapes In Time isn’t just for the Halloween season. It is great for any time of the year. One of their most popular rooms, which can host up to 14 participants, is a Christmas themed room called “Santa’s Been Kidnapped,” and it is up all year round.

For those seeking an enjoyable activity to share with a group of friends, trying out one of these escape rooms is highly recommended. Additionally, Escapes In Time extends a generous 20% discount to students; all they need to do is mention their student status when booking a room. It is recommended when booking a room to have at least 4 people in your group.

Escapes In Time promises an exhilarating adventure for everyone. To book your room, visit their website at