Zip lining: The activity for the adventure adverse

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Utah is a described as a place for the adventure seekers and outdoor lovers. What about the students who would rather safely observe nature and not get their hands dirty from it?
That is where zip lining comes in. Zip lining is described as being similar to a roller coaster, but with a fantastic view. Riders are safely harnessed to a stainless steel cable and experience the feeling of flying down the mountain at high speeds.
“I don’t really do a lot of the adventure things, but I love zip lining. I mean you get to sit down the whole time and speed down a mountain all while getting an incredible view. What’s not to love? It’s the only outdoor activity I do.” said Ashely DeVries, a dental hygiene major.
Courtney Cookson, a zip line operator, spoke about her experience with all types of riders, specifically first time riders and those who are not inclined to do something like this. A lot of first timers seem nervous and wary before they get up in the air, but ultimately the scenic view wins them over.
“As you are zip lining you can just look out and just see so much and you forget about what you are doing. You may be flying 50 miles an hour but you’re also taking in…just a beautiful place.” Cookson said.
During fall is the perfect time to try out zip lining. The weather is breezy but still warm, and the trees are already beginning to change to gorgeous reds and oranges. It makes the view from the zip line seem extra beautiful.
The winter will bring an entirely different experience. It’s open fewer days, with limited tours, but it’s a great stop to make after one of the many other snow sports at Sundance Mountain Resort.
“It’s a whole different view this time with the snow, it’s so beautiful. It’s defiantly cold but it’s worth it.” Cookson said.
The only bad thing that will happen is by the end of your ride you will be disappointed, that you can’t spend another hour racing down mountains.
The Sundance Zip Tour is perfect for seasoned adventurers and tame nature observers alike. There’s plenty of adrenaline involved, but is relaxing enough with the stunning mountain views to appeal to those more comfortable with less physical exertion.

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Students will receive a two for one deal, at Sundance Ziptour, with a student ID. Call in or walk in to make an appointment.