Wreck-It Ralph

Reading Time: 2 minutes Movie review for Wreck-it Ralph

Reading Time: 2 minutes
By John Carlsen

On Nov. 2, Wreck-It Ralph debuted in theaters around the world. The 52nd film from Disney Animation Studios, which pioneered the animated motion picture in 1937, grossed $49 million in its first weekend according to Box Office Mojo.

The story revolves around Wreck-It Ralph, voiced by John C. Reilly, the villain of an 8-bit arcade game, “Fix-It Felix, Jr.,” who tires of being the ‘bad guy.’ Ralph sneaks into a first person shooter game, “Hero’s Duty,” to obtain a medal so he can get the respect of his peers.

Through an unexpected chain of events, Ralph find himself in the world of “Sugar Rush,” a racing game where he meets Vanellope von Schweetz, voiced by Sarah Silverman, a glitch who gets Ralph’s help to enter a race that will decide which racers will get to be played by arcade patrons.

Wreck-It Ralph features more pop culture references than a Pixar film. Most of these are recognizable to people who have played video game classics such as Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Q*bert, Street Fighter and the list goes on. This unique environment creates a very memorable and nostalgic feeling that gives hit points to the story.

Reilly and Silverman’s chemistry on screen give us the trademark bubbly feeling that we’ve come to expect from Disney films. The supporting cast features Jack McBrayer as Fix-It Felix Jr. and Jane Lynch as Sergeant Calhoun. The interaction between these two characters provides a humorous foil to the main story.

The Simpsons and Futurama veteran director Rich Moore brings this film together. His flexible style helped the animators and cast members create a unique synergy. The visuals are by far the best of the year, and this film is a serious contender for Best Animated Film.

Overall, Wreck-It Ralph is worth seeing, it is a fine addition to the repertoire of Disney Animation Studios. Children and adults alike will enjoy this film, which is sure to become a classic.

John Carlsen, Life Writer