Woodbury Art exhibit explores the influence of mythology in comics

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UVU’s Woodbury Art Museum is currently hosting “Heroes and Villians: How Mythology Made Comics”.

The exhibition started on the 28 of July and will be hosted at the Woodbury until the 15 of September.

The purpose of this exhibit is to recognize the influence Greek Mythology has on character types, displaying the artists’ favorite heroes and villains for all to see. These influences often go unseen, but Greek Mythology still has an impact on our literature, art and creativity. The artists recognized this and set out to display these influences.

This exhibit was orchestrated by Chad Hardin, a professor of the Arts at UVU who is also known for his famous drawings of Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, the artists urge the public to come to the exhibition and bring life to the art on display. Chad’s work is accompanied by pieces by 12 other artists, including Guy Francis, Mel Milton and Jemma Young.

These artists decided to have the canvases printed in black and white, providing the viewer the opportunity to become the artist by coloring in the art works. There is a section of the gallery for adults along with a section for children.

For those interested in attending the exhibit, the Woodbury Art Museum is located at University Place, 575 E. University Parkway, N250 in Orem and is free to attend.