Why Utah

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Students from UVU, like any other college or University, aren’t just from Utah. More and more international and out-of-state students are coming here, and UVU hopes more will flood in with the loss in students due to the missionary age change in the LDS church.

But what is it that brings students from all over the world to this institution in particular?

“My aunt and Uncle live here,” said Sangoh Choi, an international student from South Korea. “They recommended coming here. It’s very safe, quiet and offers cheap tuition. It’s a good place for studying.”

Like many international students, and even out-of-state students, Choi doesn’t forget his heritage.

Choi does what any other student would do, he works, he plays, he lives in student housing and studies. He does all this and still maintains a quiet demeanor.

“I came down here with my family,” said Christopher Meza, a student who lived in California. “I’ve lived here for two years and eight months. Coming here has helped me have a more spiritual lifestyle.”

Christopher Meza moved to Utah with his family for an opportunity that was waiting to happen.

“My family and I were going to come here awhile before we actually came here, but it never happened. Then, when my two sisters were accepted to BYU, my parents thought, ‘why not?’” Meza said.

When asked if either would recommend Utah or UVU to someone in their similar position, both students agreed, but to an extent.

“It depends on what lifestyle you were looking for,” Meza said. “If you want a more conservative and healthier lifestyle, you would want to come to Utah. It would be an advantage.”

“It depends on the person.” Choi said. “I’d recommend coming to UVU because it’s really safe with cheap tuition, and there is a scholarship for international students.”

Tuition cost is high on the college-seeking student’s list. It could be safely assumed, that, aside from the unique culture Utah has to offer, tuition and the ability to study easily in a quiet and safe environment are key factors for students that chose UVU.