Why Pinterest

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Pinterest is an ever increasing social media tool in which individuals can spend as little as minutes or as long as hours looking at other people’s pins and sharing their own. Pinterest was designed as an easy way to share ideas, pictures, quotes, and more. It is has become a convenient way of planning events and wasting time. But like many social media tools Pinterest, for some, has an almost addictive draw.

Junior Kiley Tippets says she enjoys Pinterest because it offers a variety of things to look at and ideas.

“I love Pinterest because it has so many different things such as wedding ideas, clothes, and great do it yourself projects that you can share with friends,” said Tippets.

Senior Mika Smith also enjoys the creative ideas that she finds on Pinterest.

“I’m not creative myself, so it’s nice to be able to go on Pinterest and find good ideas for home decor, kids, clothes and recipes,” said Smith.

Freshman Courtney Murphy agrees with Smith in that Pinterest is a good place to find creative projects to fulfill humans need to be creative.

“I think all people enjoy creativity and many of them instead of coming up with it themselves, find it through other people on Pinterest,” said Murphy.

Many individuals that use Pinterest use it as a way of planning future events such as weddings, housing and baby showers.

“It’s a great place to keep ideas for future apartments, houses and wedding ideas. My friend that is engaged is getting all of her wedding plans from her wedding board. So it’s been super easy for her to plan her wedding,” said Tippets.

Although Pinterest is a good place to get ideas for projects and waste a little time, it has other advantages too.  Freshman James Thompson is a student that uses Pinterest as a way to help out with his job. Thompson caters for different events and actually finds many of his recipes and presentation ideas on Pinterest.

“Most people think Pinterest is more of a women’s thing but it’s actually a lot more unisex than most people think. It can be very useful for anyone,” said Thompson.

Although Pinterest can be very useful it also has a few down sides with the biggest being that it has an addictive draw that wastes time.

“You get lost in it and before you know it it’s two hours later,” said Tippets.

Murphy brings up another opposition to Pinterest saying that most people don’t end up using everything they pin.

“People get over eager on Pinterest. They spend so much time pinning that they don’t ever have time to use the pins,” said Murphy.