Where to eat at UVU

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Cameron Simek




We’re getting a Taco Bell!


That’s the big news for the semester. It’s moving in to a diverse student dining area, including other restaurants like Costa Vida, Pizza Hut, and Subway. But food on campus doesn’t just have to be the big names, though they are good. UVU offers a lot of great choices for food. Whether it’s for lunch, or just a snack, there are many choices for you across campus to make sure you aren’t too hungry for class.


One of the great places to eat on campus is Rockin’ Robbie’s. They offer great burgers at reasonable prices. If you’re really craving a burger, Robbie’s is the place for you. They also offer wraps and healthier options, along with shakes if you’re feeling more like a sweet treat.


UVU also offers sushi on campus. In Centre Court you can find many different choices, and throughout campus there are a couple of smaller “food courts” that offer some sushi options, along with chips, candy, and drinks.


If you don’t feel like sushi, Hazuki offers noodle and rice bowls with your choice of meat and sauce for your dining pleasure. It’s a pretty good place to stop if you’re in the mood for tempura shrimp with some white rice.


If you want to stop for a drink and some candy, or some ice cream, Scoops is another great choice. They have most things you could want. Chips, drinks, candy and of course, ice cream. So if you have a sweet tooth and want something to satisfy it, then Scoops is the place for you.


If you have some time to spare for lunch, my first recommendation for delicious food would have to be the Valley View Room. With a rotation menu of delicious items, along with a salad bar and different soups to try, this really is a great place to stop and eat.


There are also many vending machines scattered around campus if you have a buck and want some candy or a bag of chips.


UVU doesn’t skimp on food offerings for its students, and there is enough variety so you shouldn’t get tired of the food here on campus. It’s never too late to try something that you haven’t before, so spice up your college life with some variety and don’t just eat a sandwich for lunch everyday.