Warp and Weave

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“We look for something that is dark. If it’ s too ‘ bubblegum’ or too happy and upbeat. If there is not a dark element to it, then it falls flat in this genre,” said Valerie Haskan, a junior english literature major, and editor in chief of Warp and Weave.

Warp and Weave is a student-run publication that features horror, science fiction, speculative fiction, art work, or poetry.

Haskin and Mikki Helmer, a senior english major and public relations manager for Warp and Weave, work with their twenty-one fellow staff members to publish a journal that is both entertaining and meaningful.

“Like any good literature you want it to speak on more than one level,” said Haskan. As editor in chief, Haskan looks for certain dark elements in stories that will coincide with the publications theme of darkness. Death, as an event and as a character, is very popular in this genre, along with zombies, space aliens, and magic.

“We are looking for something that is supernatural, but that has something a little bit more,” said Haskan.

Both students and community members can submit their work for publication, which creates a variety of readership and submissions.

In Utah County, fiction writing is popular among both readers and writers.

“A lot of writers [in Utah] are writing speculative fiction,” said Helmer, “…here we have a home for them.”

Warp and Weave not only gives authors and poets the opportunity to get their work published, but it also helps the staff members become well-versed in their craft.

“Both my writing and editing have improved because I see bad writing and I want to fix it. But I also see good writing and I compare my writing to it to make my writing better,” said Haskin, “As an editor I’ ve been able to see common elements that every story needs. When a story lacks an element, I can see it quickly and work with the author to fix it.”

Helmer agreed that Warp and Weave is UVU’ s way of getting writers involved in the English Department. It has taken engaged learning to new level by providing a huge stepping stone for Helmer’ s future career.

“I do a lot of writing outside of Warp and Weave. Getting published at the university level has helped my career. From submitting stories to now having a contract with an agent,” said Helmer. “It brought me from being unnoticeable to being noticed by readers and other authors. And being noticed at the National Level. Warp and Weave is where I got my start.”