Wandering Supper Club

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Photo Credit: Rachel Clark

Lee Thomas | Lifestyle Editor | @leenis85


Bored with redundant Utah food experiences, Chef Celeste Pianezzola created an innovative way to keep things fresh and exciting all summer with Wandering Supper Club.

After spending several post-graduate years working at Utah restaurant scene pioneers such as Forage and Pago, UVU Culinary Alumni Pianezzola was looking for a new frontier to conquer.

Born and raised in Provo, Pianezzola decided to spend the next four years traveling and studying exotic cooking methods. She ended up traversing through countries like New Zealand, Morocco, Switzerland, Portugal and Vietnam, to name a few.

“My vast experience with travel has filled me with a myriad of ideas, flavors and dishes that I wanted to bring back and share with my friends and family,” said Pianezzola.

After some understandable travel fatigue, she has come back to Provo and put her newfound expertise to use by throwing a monthly compensated “dinner party”, in which the location changes and the food is centered on what is in peak season during each summer month.

“I am inspired as much by my travels as Utah’s roadside food stands and memories from my childhood. I want to merge the two to form something current and modern for Utah’s growing interest in expanding food traditions,” said Pianezzola.

The first two dinners, one for family and friends and another billed as a launch event, were held in a beautiful backyard in Lehi. The food included delicious and varied dishes such as rosemary grilled octopus and dill steamed crayfish with an eggplant puree, and buttermilk pie with blueberry compote and candied rose petals for dessert.

“The dinner is as much about ambiance and location as the food itself. I’m attempting to help transform people’s idea of dining; both their relationships with food and those around the table,” explained Pianezzola. “In previous generations food has been about sharing and community, and I want to hearken back to that. Wandering Supper Club presents you with not only beautiful settings and wonderful food, but opportunities to meet and be inspired by new people.”

The launch dinner had such a lovely ambiance that a marriage proposal unexpectedly happened as guests mingled together, going around the table talking about memorable food experiences.

The vibe was relaxed as the staff socialized with guests during each course. Pianezzola described each dish; introducing and taking comments and questions as the diners devoured.

The next event will be held in Salt Lake City at Wasatch Community Gardens on August 2. The dinner will be tomato-themed and consist of seven courses including fried green tomato BLT finger sandwiches, Pork loin with an herbed tomato crust, and a watermelon-tomato sorbet.

For a comprehensive bio on Pianezzola, including information about upcoming events, and instructions on how to make a reservation, check out wanderingsupperclub.com. Pianezzola is also available for private events, and is willing to cater to themes and dietary restrictions.