Vocalist Kaylie Ross on How Her Art Form Enriches Her Life

(Photo courtesy of Chad Braithwaite, Faces Photography)

Kaylie Ross, 21 and a junior majoring in Social Health Education at Utah Valley University, shared her experience as a vocalist, and spoke about how her time with the arts has helped her grow as a person.

Ross has been a vocalist since the age of six — when she joined a local choir group — and has since progressed to be a soloist in preparation for her winning performance at the Miss Springville/Mapleton Competition in 2019.

“I have always loved performing for as long as I can remember,” Ross said.“My sisters and I used to make up dances and put on plays for my parents.” 

Music became her favorite form of artistic performance because it could act as a way for her to express her innermost emotions. 

“When life gets hard and I need to relieve stress, I find myself at the piano singing,” she said. “It is a positive coping mechanism for me. A place where I feel comfort and peace. Music has always provided me with strength and hope.” 

She expressed a copious amount of gratitude for those she has been able to meet who share her affinity and love for the art of music. 

“There is something so powerful about performing with a big group of people that share a common goal of creating beautiful music that shares a story,” said Ross.

Ross finds inspiration in the fact that there is always more to be learned from music. She enjoys that there is always room for improvement and advice, and appreciates the expert feedback she has received from her coaches. 

“The moment I stop learning is the moment I will no longer be inspired,” she said.

Ross continues to practice music as she prepares to compete at the Miss Utah Competition in June of 2021, where she will perform a vocal piece for the talent portion of the competition. She is currently taking classes at UVU to continue pursuing her academic goals.

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