UVU’s Woodbury Museum of Art moving to Lakemount Manor after massive donation

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The Woodbury Museum of Art is moving to the Lakemount Manor, a home donated to the school by the family of longtime UVU donor Melanie Bastian, beginning early 2020.

The eight-acre estate, which is located south of UVU campus at 240 W. 1800 S., was built by Bastian in the spring of 1995. She named her home the Lakemount Manor and, to honor her legacy, the decision was made to retain the name for the museum.

Bastian was a supporter of the arts and education, having made various contributions to UVU in the past. Her sons wanted to honor her legacy after she passed away in 2016 by donating her home to UVU.

“She built this huge, beautiful home, but she didn’t build it for herself — she built it for us and she built it for the community,” her son Darren Bastian said. “She wanted it to be used by people she loved, and for her that included a lot of people.”

Bastian’s children said their mother wanted the home to be a gathering place for the community to share cultural experiences. She hosted several events and functions for UVU.

“It’s a place of inspiration and a place of welcome, and people will come here and enjoy being here,” Darren said. “It’s a very inclusive space, and I think my mom intended it to be that way from the get-go. She wanted us to be here, and she wanted us to want to be here with other people. So, I think everybody will feel connected to this building.”

“That’s how I believe mom treated this place,” Robbie Bastian said. “It was a place she wanted everyone to love, and everyone to enjoy, and she succeeded at that. This just seems like a great opportunity to keep that legacy going, and keep it a part of everyone’s life.”

Interior photo of the Bastion property shown on June 12th, 2018. (Savanna Richardson / UVU Marketing)

Lisa Anderson, the museum director and curator, said there is a tradition across the United States of museums that are established in historic and modern homes alike, and serve as a great backdrop for showing art.

The UVU Museum at Lakemount Manor will display the 600-plus works of art collected over the years for the Woodbury location and show the different collections on a rotation. The Woodbury museum, housed on the second floor of the University Place mall in Orem, will remain open, at least initially during the transition.

Fire sprinklers will be installed in the home as the transition is made from a private residence to a commercial building. In addition, an emergency fire road will be constructed around the premises as well as a parking lot before the museum can officially open to the public.