UVU’s Got Your Back

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By Brittany Plothow, @brittanyplo


School can be stressful and overwhelming which can lead to health issues. Luckily, UVU has a system of student services to help. Many higher education institutions require students to purchase a health insurance package, UVU does not. What UVU does have is low cost physical and mental health services available to all students.


Medical services include nearly everything from allergies to cancer screenings, pregnancy tests, prenatal care, and STD treatments. In terms of mental health, students can get one-on-one counseling sessions or even couples counseling for as little as $10 or choose one of many process groups to attend. The newest process group started in spring semester specifically for LGBT students.


UVU offers wellness education courses on weight management, stress management, keys to happiness, and financial management. Student Health and Wellness also offers many resources for suicide prevention and awareness, including suicide helplines. Friends can also get information on helping a student they may have concerns about through the website or directly at the office. Also offered through the wellness programs is free yoga and Zumba classes and a walking group.


Recent graduate Rebekah Jeffreys has found that UVU’s services are above and beyond those offered in the job market.


“During my many years at UVU I have had many jobs that either offered no insurance or really poor insurance.  I hear that BYU requires students to pay for student insurance. Not our UVU. They charge very little for an appointment,” said Jeffreys. “I have gotten super sick here and there, and they are always so nice and knowledgeable. And they are always very cognizant of the no insurance issue.”


Many employers are juggling with the idea of dropping insurance options, some having dropped it all together due to the high cost of coverage. Upcoming changes with the so-called “Obama-care” could change things, but for now UVU offers the best option for many students, without the requirements asked from other Universities.


“I have been given prescriptions that they know will be the least expensive and recommendations of where to go to get them filled,” said Jeffreys. “I have gotten coupons that drug companies give out for first prescription fills, and I have gotten sample packs for medications they have at the clinic so that I don’t have to pay for meds. For a student, they are extremely kind and get you back to health without making you take out a loan from your parents.”


The Student Health and Wellness offices are located in the student center top floor, room 221. To get more information on what services are offered, costs, or to make an appointment students can call the office directly at 801-863-8876.