UVU’s 2020 Faculty Art Show goes Virtual to Encourage Social Distancing

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Illustration courtesy of Woodbury Art Museum

Despite social distancing limitations, the Utah Valley University Woodbury Art Museum has developed innovative solutions to share art by making the 2020 Faculty Art Show virtual. 

The show boasts more than 70 original pieces designed to investigate themes of systems, surfaces, subjects and symbolism. Inspiration for the concept of the show came from Italian Renaissance architect, artist and theorist Leon Battista Alberti (1404-1472). Alberti believed that art is a lens through which you can view the artist’s perception of the world. Numerous works within the show reflect the constantly changing nature of time and memory.

Each piece was created by a faculty member in the UVU School of Arts with specialties in art education, art history, graphic design, illustration, painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and ceramics. Within each of these sections, one can see the artwork that was created, read the faculty member’s biography and their statement on the piece or pieces that they created for the show.

“I find art to be a type of meditation and a therapeutic outlet,” said Dr. Audrey Reeves, program coordinator for the Art Education degree in the Art & Design Department at UVU, in her artist statement made for the show. 

“This series came from engaging with and reflecting on the powerful forces of the natural world.  In these charged moments in nature, I broke free from the constant chatter of my mind. Intrigued by this mentality, absorbed by and responding to process, and inspired by the colors, textures, and movement of the world, I re-engage in that feeling in these drawings, which transport me back to a state beyond myself, a state of mindfulness.” 

By virtually attending the 2020 Faculty Art Show, one can view the world through the creative artistic lenses of UVU Art & Design faculty members. Viewers will be taken on a journey to explore, linger, experience, and react. 

You can visit the show by following this link https://uvufacultyshow.myportfolio.com from now until December 12, 2020.