UVU opens new Museum of Art at Lakemount Manor

Reading Time: 2 minutes The new UVU Museum of Art features over 50 pieces of artwork by 40 Utah artists in their first exhibition “The Art of Belonging.”

Reading Time: 2 minutes

UVU opened its Museum of Art on May 13 at the Lakemount Manor, a gorgeous estate that was graciously donated by the Bastian family. The University received the property following the death of Melanie Bastian. Her four sons donated the estate to UVU to keep her memory alive and to display her love for the arts.  

The museum opened its doors to the public with its first exhibition “The Art of Belonging”. The exhibition was curated by Fanny Guadalupe Blauer and Jorge Rojas and will run from May 13 to Sept. 16. The Art of Belonging features works of art by various Utah artists who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC). 

The museum will showcase artwork by UVU students and staff, as well as providing diverse ways for the local community to get involved. “The Art of Belonging” initiative has held artist lectures, community art activities and a live performance art series.  

The inaugural exhibition was created to explore the themes of belonging to a community and culture. Rita Wright, a professor of Art History at UVU, said “They [Rojas and Blauer] decided they wanted to tell the stories of some of the people […] that are often not heard as much here in Utah.” “The Art of Belonging” makes a statement about the diverse cultures in our community and how we can all belong through beautiful works of art by artists from many different backgrounds.  

The museum hosted a community celebration on its opening day which featured activities for visitors of all ages with a multicultural showcase by “Remembering Our Culture” that represented dances from Native American, African, Polynesian, Latino/a, and Asian cultures to celebrate the strength of cultural diversity. “The Art of Belonging” utilizes different mediums in the exhibit including painting, sculpting, photography, video, and mixed media. Rojas’ Corn Mandala, “Belonging,” uses colorful corn kernels to create a mandala that is deeply rooted in Mesoamerican, Native American, and Polynesian cultures. 

Though “The Art of Belonging” exhibit will be ending on Sept. 16, the new UVU Museum of Art has some amazing things planned for the coming year. To find out more about the current exhibition and upcoming projects, please visit uvu.edu/museum/exhibitions.