UVU brings Faith from afar with their Virtual Interfaith Conference

UVU's Interfaith Student Council held a virtual concert on Wednesday, Oct. 21, with performances by Remnant Christian Center and Adrienne Rosetti. Photo courtesy of UVU Interfaith Student Council, via Instagram @interfaithuvu

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Utah Valley University’s Interfaith Council has worked hard to find ways to share religious messages even while they are unable to physically meet. On Wednesday night, Brylee Bromley, co-president of the Interfaith Council, hosted an Instagram Live video on the Council’s Instagram page, @interfaithuvu. The current goal of the Interfaith Forums at this stage is to feature faith-based musicians from near and far to share their religiosity in song. 

Viewers on Instagram Live had the opportunity to watch two performances, the first of which was put on by members of the Remnant Christian Center in Apopka, Florida. Remnant , played several group songs praising God and reminding each other of their blessings in life.

 Viewers were also able to hear about the genesis of the story of each of these musicians and how they came to worship music.

“We all come into music for different reasons, but ultimately, we are all here to share the love of God and the love in God”, said Shallidy, leader of the group. 

Second, viewers heard from singer and guitarist Adrienne Rosetti, from Orem, UT. Adrienne is a Utah native and is a new member of Orem Community Christian Church, where she has practiced her worship in song. Adrienne sang beautifully at her only second time performing live and captivated the viewers — engaging them and receiving many questions and compliments.

These musicians aren’t only faith based. Rosetti said she enjoys playing blues music and Schuber, “but only when I’m in my bedroom alone, so I don’t mess up”, she said laughing. Despite the diverse backgrounds these musicians come from, they all shared the love for worship Tuesday night with Bromley and members of UVU’s Interfaith Council.

 Readers can follow the group on Instagram to stay in tune with their upcoming live shows, where they will be featuring other faith artists from around the country.

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