UVU Alumni’s Art in National Sculpture Society Exhibition

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One of Utah Valley University’s very own alumni, Mariah Morton Cisneros, was able to put her artwork on display in a National Sculpture Society’s art exhibition. The sculpture that Cisneros got into the exhibition is called “Athena’s Portal.” 

NSS’s ‘Young Sculptors Exhibition’ consists of 19 artists, all under the age of 30. The art pieces are being held on display in New York City, however, it is also available on the NSS’s website. The exhibition opened on Jan. 17 and will be closing on March 4. 

After nine years of attending UVU, being a part-time student and working, Cisneros graduated with a bachelor’s degree in art and design. Since graduating, Cisneros has been a part of other art shows and began working at a bronze foundry.

“My favorite piece I have made so far is a bronze dragon,” said Cisneros. “It’s my most complicated piece and it’s part of a series I’ve been making of animals and mythical creatures in loops of bronze. It took me about a year and a half to finish. I love the movements and shapes that the dragon’s body creates. I wanted to get a personality through the pose to get the right feelings, so I studied muscles of big cats, wings of bats, and the feet of lizards to make it feel more lifelike.”

With the help of some UVU professors, Cisneros was able to practice what she loved and grew in the process.

“I taught Mariah 3D Design, mold making, Sculpture I, Sculpture II, and perhaps a few others,” said UVU professor Jason Millward. “I’ve also had her intern for me. As she started to create sculptures I could sense her love of 3-dimensional art growing. She made rapid improvements and started to incorporate her love of fantasy art into her work. Seeing students like Mariah excel at their craft is why I became a teacher in the first place. I wanted to have an influence on the next generation of artists in Utah.”

It has only been a little under two years since Cisneros graduated from UVU. Cisneros has pursued a variety of things from what she learned over the years. She has used her connections and experiences from UVU to help her get to where she is today. 

“[My advice for current students would be] it’s ok if you don’t know what you want to do when you first come to college,” Cisneros said. “Try things out, find a good professor or mentor to help you find your passion and push you in the right direction. The greatest thing you can get from college is the relationships and experiences that last far beyond your time here.”
To find more information about Cisneros and her art, check out her portfolio on her website or go to her Instagram profile @mariah.m.cisneros.