UVSC presents The Heiress

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As the theater department enters its first year with seniors, the theater majors are really beginning to emanate the light of their experiences. The perfect example is with their latest production, The Heiress.

The Heiress, set in New York during the mid-1800s, tells the story of the fast growing love between an average, shy heiress of a huge fortune, Catherine Sloper, and a charming gentlemen from a less fortunate financial background, Morris Townsend. Due to the circumstances, Catherine’s wealthy father, Dr. Austin Sloper, suspects Morris’s intentions and sets his sights on breaking the two apart.

Jaclyn Hales who played Catherine gave a performance that captivated the audiences and shocked them with the sheer intensity of her emotional outbursts.

Playing Morris Townsend was the very talented Alex Ungerman, one of the theater department’s finest and always-enthralling actors.

And taking the role of the uptight, pretentious Dr. Sloper was Jake Suazo, known as one of the founders of the local improvisational troupe "Thrillionaires." Being known for quick comedy, it was refreshing to see Suazo take on, play and be successful with a serious role.

Directed by professor Christopher Clark, The Heiress is another superb show, to his credit. With a good cast, crew and script, Clark ended up molding a surprising, shocking and emotionally charged show that nobody who sees it will forget.