This is Us: The best show to make your study breaks more entertaining this semester

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Everyone has a list of shows that they watch to take a break from all the homework and studying that we do. With the new semester approaching, it’s always nice to find a new show to watch. However, you probably don’t need a show that’s been running for years with a ton of seasons and episodes to catch up on so you are not getting any schoolwork done. That’s why This Is Us is the perfect show for this upcoming semester; the first season premiered last year and the second season starts September 26.

This Is Us is a dramedy that centers on the lives of several different people, and it shows how each of the characters’ lives intertwine. The show focuses on Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) marriage and the struggles of their relationship all while they try to raise their triplets. The show also focuses on Kate (Chrissy Metz) and her insecurities about being overweight and her difficulty with trying to lose that weight. The next storyline is about Kevin (Justin Hartley) as he quits his TV show and tries to get his acting career started in a new direction. This all happens while the final main character; Randall (Sterling K. Brown) meets his birth father, William, (Ron Cephas Jones) who is also dying of cancer.

The writers of the show do an excellent job making these characters and their problems relatable. Jack and Rebecca’s marriage seems more real than most other TV marriages because they are concerned about actual life problems. This is shown in how Jack and Rebecca try to raise their triplets, or with Jack’s past alcohol abuse problem, which brings a lot of tension to their marriage and makes the episodes that focus on this very intense.

Kate’s struggles with being overweight and her insecure feelings also make this character very relatable.

Randall and William’s relationship is not quite as relatable as the other characters stories. However, it is interesting to watch unfold as you would expect for Randall to be upset with William because his father abandoned him when he was just a newborn. However, Randall instead helps him along as William’s cancer begins to take over his life.

You’ll grow to love these characters through all of their struggles and as their lives connect to each other. The love that you’ll have for these characters is one of the many reasons why the show draws you in more than other TV shows. Every time things seem to be going in the worst way possible, you end up on the edge of your couch stressing out the whole episode and just hoping that things end up okay for the characters.

You always see that no matter how bad things get in each of their lives that they turn back to family. This alone demonstrates that This Is Us really is one of the greatest shows you can watch this semester and all together is a heartwarming show.