‘Untold Story of the Tortoise and the Hare’ premieres at SCERA

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Longtime collaborators Chase Ramsey and David Paul Smith have put a high-energy spin on the popular children’s fable “The Tortoise and the Hare”. This production for young audiences, showing at the SCERA Center, places the focus on friendship, cooperation, and honesty.

The Tortoise and Hare families are the only animals in town who participate in an annual race. The Hares use the race to demonstrate their superiority, but the Tortoises are happy to be a part of things and never expect to win.

The runners in this year’s race are Jackie Hare and Frankie Tortoise. While Jackie (played by Kelly Coombs) struggles to live up to her family’s expectations, Frankie (Kevin Bigler) just wants to spend time with his friend. Together, they realize that some things are more important than winning.

The musical score is fun and upbeat, and features electronic-type dance music and a contemporary pop feel. Smith and Ramsey’s unique focus on message and audience interaction is sure to entertain both parents and children. Characters in the show ask the audience to help cheer on the racers and pump up a crowd, making it easy to keep the attention of young theatre-goers for the 50-minute show.

In this Theatre for Young Audiences production, adults perform the roles, and the performances are a great way for families to introduce their children to live theatre. This show has a nine-person cast with players including Gentrey Jeppsen, Shawn Mortensen, Garrett Smit, Aaron Johnson, Heidi Spann, Ally Johnson and Michael Larson.

From the set to the costumes, this colorful show looks like a storybook come to life. The production team includes Shawn Mortensen as scenic designer; Deborah Bowman as costume designer; Chase Elison is lighting designer; Christy Norton is the props designer; and Danielle Berry as stage manager.

The Untold Story of the Tortoise and the Hare is open now, with performances held every Monday and Friday night until Feb 22. Tickets can be found here.