Touchstones: A journal of Literature and Art

Touchstones is a literary journal run and created by UVU students. The journal is funded by the English Department and is published every fall and spring semester.

Touchstones publishesaccepts creative non-fiction, poetry, prose, drama, and art.

According to the Touchstones website, the journal was founded in 1997 by poet and English professor, Dr. Laura Hamblin.

The staff rotates every semester with a new appointed editor-in-chief. The creative vision varies with each new editor, while the staff maintains the integral roots of the journal.

Touchstones prides itself on being a fluid collection of high quality writing and imagery with subject matters that covers creative thought.

“I look forward to seeing Touchstones each semester. It’s a great way to easily read and see the best of what UVU students are working on and capable of. I like to see my fellow students work because it is inspiring.” Said photography major Nathan Gross.

Students from various English and aArt disciplines gather together in order to begin organizing the upcoming issue for this fallis semesters journal. The editors are very excited about the potential submissions.

Of all the student journals that UVU offers, Touchstones is the most well-known publication since it has been around the longest. Touchstones receives the most submissions and has the highest pick up rate.

Ellie Parker, lead art editor for Touchstones, comments on why Touchstones is important to students and the university.

“It is a journal written by students and produced by students. If you really want to know about the work being produced in your community look to Touchstones. I think people, students especially, forget that this isn’t a class project requested by the teacher, but it really is a passion product that the students cultivated to give themselves an unfiltered platform for their work to shine, be it the written word or featured artwork.” Said Parker.

Shauntel Peterson, is a senior at UVU and former head poetry editor of Touchstones last issue. Peterson mentions how significant it is as an editor to be engaged throughout the entire process. “One of the big things I gained from being poetry editor was the impact from the reestablished community of creative thinkers and writers. It’s important to think of the individual behind their work through the editing process.” Peterson said.
Peterson was able to talk face to face with the poets as a way to better understand their vision of inspiration.

Students who are eager to be published, this is the publication for you. It is worth releasing your inner creative passion. The deadline for any artwork is October 13 byat midnight. For more information about the publication, go to

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Additional reporting by Caitlin LaVange

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