Top 10 best late-night food run stops in Utah County: Part 2

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Late night cravings should not be ignored. Those instincts are important and should not be satisfied by a cup of fruit or some milk. Go get the good stuff. Here are the last five of the top 10 best late-night stops in Utah County, so you can go to bed happy and full.

The Chocolate Dessert Cafe

It’s all in the name. The Chocolate is the place to go when your sweet tooth is screaming at you during the late hours of the night. You’ll find a number of different sweets to choose from. The Chocolate has brownies, cakes, cupcakes, tarts and pies of various flavors and fillings. Walking into the cafe, the desserts may not look like much, but just one bite will prove that the plethora of sweets is more than average.

Five Sushi Brothers

What’s better than sushi? Late night delivery sushi. From 9 p.m. to midnight, Five Sushi Brothers rolls can either be picked up at their location in Provo or be delivered to you. The service is really great and the sushi is even better. The have happy hour specials every Saturday from 11 p.m. to midnight. At Five Sushi Brothers, happy hour means $5 sushi rolls, which means more bang for your buck.

Olive Garden

It may be a chain restaurant, but nothing beats getting a to-go order of carbs late at night. Olive Garden is famous for their delicious breadsticks and amazing Italian dishes. There is no better place to order out and will definitely satisfy any late-night craving. Be sure to check out the Olive Garden website to see what deals they have. You could get lucky and happen to order dinner on a “buy one, take one” night. That way, you could get the ultimate carb filled meal: breadsticks and pasta drenched in cheese.

Penguin Brothers

Cookies with ice cream; it’s the perfect combination. Enough said.

Pier 49 pizza

It may be a chain restaurant, but the food at Pier 49 Pizza is good quality. If you are looking for authentic San Francisco pizza — or any style of pizza — Pier 49 is the place to go. There are a lot of pizza places in the county, and it can be scary to try a new pizza place. Pier 49 only serves the best pizza, so you won’t be sad you spent money on any pizza they serve.