Dont be labeled as a “Utah driver”, follow these three tips

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Driving in Utah can be a hassle and stressful. Surprisingly, this has nothing to do with the harsh snow storms that cover the road during the winter. Nor the horrible construction that overtakes the roads during the summer season. No. Most of the complaints surrounding driving in Utah are focused on the drivers themselves. Utah drivers have a reputation for being horrible at merging, using blinkers and stopping. It’s hard to not pick up some of those same bad habits, so below are four ways to help you not become a typical Utah driver.

Use your blinker.

It’s a simple task that most Utah drivers fail to do. To avoid being stereotyped as a typical Utah driver, use your blinker in appropriate circumstances. For example, when you would like to switch lanes or when you need to merge. Avoid switching lanes without using your blinker. Failure to use a blinker can cause accidents and fines.

Yellow means slow down not speed up

When the traffic light is yellow, be prepared to come to a complete stop. Many drivers try to speed up in hopes to not get stuck at a red light. This can be dangerous. If you get caught driving through a red light, you run the risk of getting hit, hitting another car or getting pulled over by a police officer. According to The Driving Laws published by Nolo, the maximum fine for running a red light is $1,000. To avoid a hefty fine and being labeled as a horrible Utah driver, slow down and stop next time you see a yellow light at an intersection.

If you tend to drive slowly, drive in the right-hand lane.

The far-left lanes are for people who are driving long distances or drive fast. Do not drive in the left-hand lanes if you are not doing a least one of those two things. Use the right-hand lane if you prefer to drive slowly or are going a short distance. This can help prevent accidents and even fatalities.

Let other cars change lanes

If someone has their blinker on and wants to change lanes, let them. Utah drivers are known for making it hard for other cars to change lanes. Often drivers will speed up and make it almost impossible for other drivers to get into their desired lane. This can result in people to miss their exits and can cause accidents.

So, if you don’t want to be labeled as a bad Utah driver, follow these tips and you’ll be free of the label!