Three tips to help you return to the battlefield we call school

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If you woke up today, considered going to class, hit the snooze button and then went back to sleep, you probably weren’t the only one. Coming back to school after a week-long holiday can be a challenge. If you are struggling to adjust, here are three tips to help you not throw in the towel during the last few weeks of school.


Work out in the morning.

It’s tempting to want to stay up until 2:00 a.m. and sleep in the next morning but working out in the a.m. can help get you back on a regular sleeping schedule. Studies have shown that exercising on a consistent basis can help you sleep better, increase energy and raise feelings of euphoria. Plus, considering how much most of us ate this past week, the jeans we love might be feeling a bit snug. So hitting up the gym could be worth your time. 


Create a schedule

It may sound archaic but setting a schedule can help you hold yourself accountable and stay productive. Having a week-long vacation can be like tasting the forbidden fruit; It can be tempting to not care about the last few weeks of school. But, creating a schedule can help you stay focused so you end the semester with your head held high rather than slumped when final grades are posted.


Treat yourself

Coming back to school doesn’t have to feel like returning to the war. Reward yourself for coming back to school. Many great movies are being released like The Man Who Created Christmas, Star Wars: The Last Jedi or Pitch Perfect 3. When you get your week’s-worth of homework done, go out and treat yourself.


Not many of us woke up Monday morning and jumped out of bed excited to come back to school. You aren’t alone in the struggle of coming back to school. If you find yourself still not liking the adjustment, just think, the semester ends in two weeks.