The UVU foodies

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Ben Drabik and Emily Samek started the Food Critics club because of their passion for food.

There’s a new club on campus with a palate that is a cut above the rest. In June, Ben Drabik, a sophomore from Draper, established the UVU Food Critics Club.

“I have a huge passion for food,” Drabik said, who is currently serving as president. “We’re growing everyday.”

UVU Foodies meets twice a week and currently boasts 25 members. On Tuesdays, the club votes on what restaurant they will dine at and on Friday they all go out to eat.

The club’s vice president, Emily Samek, an Integrated Studies major from Cedar Rapids, IA, thinks the club can play a positive role in students’ lives.

“It’s a great way to meet people in a really relaxed environment,” Samek said, “and eat some really great food.”

One of the main goals of the UVU Foodies is to provide unique dining experiences without breaking the bank. “We try to keep each place we go to $10 per person,” Drabik said. Drabik has allocated funds from the UVU Clubs office to help ease the financial burden on its members.

The UVU Food Critics Club will be participating in Club Rush on Sept. 6 and 7. Anyone interested in joining may contact Drabik at 801-759-1253 or Samek at 319-560-6696.