The tough labor ahead

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Alex Rivera, Editor-in-Chief, @HashtagginAlex

I’m new at this and by no means am I an expert in the field of rearing a child while attending school. As I approach this fall semester, I can’t help but realize that there are a lot of changes happening in my life right now that personally, I’m not even sure I’m ready for. My wife and I are in the process of moving while I continue to seek a new job, and I’m currently putting in tons of hours at this publication of the UVU Review. But it isn’t the move or job-hunting that is causing me stress.  It’s the fact that I’ll be responsible for a tiny human being just four days before school is in session, as far as I know at least.

We’re up to that point in the pregnancy where the little guy can come any day. I might have had the baby by the time this gets published and it’s in your hands. But it hasn’t deterred me from understanding that at this point in my life, I do what I do because I have to. My wife and I made the decision to have a child and so I must reap the consequences whether good or bad. How school plays into that is all up to me.

One of the main things one must realize as they prepare to take on this huge obstacle is that it’s not an obstacle at all. Although obstacles may come from raising a child such as illnesses or accidents, the actual “raising” a child isn’t so bad. Once again, I am no expert, but I am an optimist. Once you realize that it isn’t an obstacle, you can really understand that it is just part of life. There comes a point in life where you survive situations because you have to. I will be working 25-40 hours a week, going to school full-time, working at the UVU Review for 20 hours a week, and putting countless hours into my little one because I have to. I wanted to and now I have to. I made that decision.

The next step is to prioritize. Almost always, the family should be top priority with school being a close second. Once you have those two on the top of your list, you will understand to work around schedules. And if you have an awesome spouse that understands that as well, you’re set. Communicate with your wife or husband to make sure that you’re both on the same page with schedules. This is crucial, especially if both of you are going to school. It is essential in any relationship to have good communication so it is even more so in a relationship with a child involved.

Honestly, these two steps should prepare you to have a baby and go to school. I’ve had it in my mind for quite sometime now that I’ll be both in school and taking care of a child. I realized these two things early on and feel confident that I’ll do well. I’m no expert, but I’m an optimist.