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Reading Time: 2 minutes Men don’t pursue anymore and it is a shame

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Most foreign guys I have met tend to have more endurance when it comes to pursuing women … or maybe guys around here just have none. There are two reasons for this: Men are getting too soft and/or men are used to women doing all of the work.

If you are an attractive, funny or charismatic man in Utah Valley, you don’t have to work very hard to get a girl. They will find you and approach you. But what happened to the days when a man worked hard to even get a date with a girl?

Come on guys, don’t you want to hand-pick the girl, instead of waiting until she finds you? Man up. Wouldn’t that help you appreciate her through the long years you have ahead of being figuratively whipped?

You may wonder why I care. I guess I just wish guys wouldn’t give up so easily. If men were willing to give up their pride to try again to gain affection from a girl even though she said she was busy the first time, it would be so great for everyone.

I heard some advice from a not-so-soft man from out of state. He said, “I give her a month, a whole menstrual cycle, to decide if she likes me. If not, I will move on.”

Come on guys! Maybe the girl is not at the right part of her cycle to like you. You shouldn’t take one no and give up. Give her the benefit of the doubt. Honestly, I find myself forgetting about some of the great guys around me. I may have known him for a while, but when he shows interest, I realize I would totally date him.

Because men are taking any small sign to mean a girl isn’t interested, instead of giving a second chance, the women have somehow become the ones giving the second chances. They will saying to themselves, “Oh he has been busy lately, that’s why he hasn’t called.” Seriously, if a guy is too busy for a girl, he doesn’t like her enough or should learn to put his big-boy pants on and decide which girl he wants and go get her.

The fact is true that the creepy guys have given the men who pursue, a bad rap but that shouldn’t ruin it for everyone. I think guys are getting really soft. They are tender and proceed with caution a lot of the time. That, and guys have learned they don’t need to work to find a girl. It’s time for a refreshing change.

By Tiffany S. Thatcher, [email protected]

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