The problem

Reading Time: 2 minutes Where not to find a prime man

Reading Time: 2 minutes
I was discussing something with my family and mentioned that I sometimes get bored with guys, when my dad suddenly chimed in saying, “It’s because you always date down”. This was a very new thought for me.

I am pretty sure that all dads think this about their daughters, but I could actually see why he would. My dad doesn’t hear about all of the guys, but the ones he has heard about lately, may not be so impressive. It is probably true that I tend to date down, but I have a question about the prime guys to date—Where are those guys?

Think about the guy in your class, or church. The attractive, practical, grown up men are not readily available because they tend to turn into bookworms for the few available years between the mission and when they get snatched up by the better hunters.

This is the way I see things, but it is based on something you all will probably agree with. The truth is, when you are looking, you never find. These prime guys with the goals and the full head of hair, focus on school.

Although they focus on school, they also tend to get married before too long. They are ahead of all of the other guys who try so hard because they aren’t trying. I have seen so many cases where a person gives up on dating just to run into the person they tie the knot with a few months later. When you think you are ready, you are not. When you don’t think you will ever figure it out, that is sometimes when it happens.

Now that we have that concept figured out, let me tell you why the guys you see at all of the activities and who hit on you are not the guys your dads think you deserve. It is because the prime guys are not looking as hard for a relationship all of the time. Also, they don’t live the single life for very long.

There is no moral to this thought. Basically it is a problem, and the harder you work to work around it, the less successful you will be.

By Tiffany S. Thatcher, Life Editor. [email protected]