The Nathan Corvan Investigation: Episode 3

Reading Time: 2 minutes

After a little digging and a few phone calls, the detective tracked one of the guests to a bank downtown. Mr. Bret Cervino was the branch manager and had apparently received invitation to last night’s deadly celebration. As the detective got out of his car and approached the doors, he observed a young woman approaching. Her dark hair blew across her face with the wind. He held the door and she gave him a smile and a nod as she passed. He followed her inside.
“Good afternoon Amelia.” The dark haired girl greeted one of the tellers.

“Hello Kara. What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at the college?”

“No. One of my classes got out early and I need to talk to my father about something. Is he busy?”

“Well, his office door has been closed for my whole shift and I haven’t seen him come out so I’m not sure. I think he was supposed to be meeting with some people earlier this morning, but I would think he would have been done with that already.”“Okay, I’ll knock on the door.”

Kara walked to a room off to one side of the building and knocked on the door. She waited a moment before sitting down in a chair next to the door.

“What can I help you with today sir?” Amelia turned to Nathan. “Ah, yes actually.” The detective stepped to the counter, “My name is Nathan Corvan and I’m looking for Mr. Cervino.”

“Do you have an appointment with him?”“No, I don’t. But it’s rather important.”“Yeah, I’m sure.” Amelia rolled her eyes, “I’m sorry sir, but he doesn’t meet with people who don’t have an appointment.”

The detective cocked an eyebrow at her. “Is there something else I can help you with sir?” annoyance dripped from her voice.

“Yes, actually. There is.” Nathan began to lose his patience.

“You can pick up that phone sitting next to you, use those delicate, freshly manicured fingers to dial his number, and tell him that Nathan Corvan is here to see him.”

“And if I refuse.” a malicious smile crept across Amelia’s lips.

“Then I will place you under arrest for impeding an official investigation. I am Nathan Corvan. detective Nathan Corvan. And unless you do exactly as I tell you, you will be leaving work today in handcuffs.”

The smile rapidly disappeared from Amelia’s face as she nervously dialed the number. She stayed on the line for what seemed an eternity to her. Nervously she set the phone back on the receiver.

“I’m sorry, He’s not answering. Let me go in and see how long he will be.”“I would appreciate that.” Nate replied.

Fumbling with the keys, Amelia unlocked the door next to Kara and slowly opened it. The room was darkened and the man sat forward in his office chair.

His hands were stretched out on the desk in front of him. “Mr. Cervino? There is a detective here to see you. He says it’s urgent…. Mr. Cervino?”