The Investigation of Nathan Corvan

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A deep rumble began pulsing through the room.
His hand came down in a great arc upon the alarm clock, sending it skidding off the bedside table.
He cracked one eye open and winced at the bright light shining from the bedside table.
Gathering his willpower, he sat up on the bed and placed the small cell phone to his ear.
Hello? He groaned. Hello Nathan, this is Officer Jones, and wait, were you still sleeping? the detective could hear the smirk on the other end of the line.
I never sleep. Too busy for that. Nathan groggily lied, Who is this? He made his way to the kitchen of his small apartment and began rummaging through the cupboards, then through the refrigerator, and knew he wouldn’t find anything.
This is Officer Jones from the Police Department. I was there for several of your cases, including when you solved the Bowling Alley Homicide last year.Bowling alley case?
Ah, yes, more manslaughter than homicide. Attempts at sabotage gone wrong really…. Nathan scratched at the stubble at his chin absently.
Mr. Corvan!What? The detective snapped back to the present.
I’m calling you from the scene of a crime. Most of our detectives are tied up in other assignments. Your skills in that case last year stuck out in my mind.
I’m calling for your help.Is that so? You are aware I don’t do favors? He furrowed his brow at no one in particular.
You would be compensated for your time and efforts on the case. The officer responded. Where is it?Where is what?You said you were calling from the crime scene right?
Ah yes! The address is 227 Northwood Dr. We’re on the 3rd floor I’ll have an officer meet you in the lobby.
Mmmmmm, He leaned against his countertop in thought. All right, but you woke me up so my breakfast is on you. Have someone have a breakfast sandwich and a large soda for me by the time I get there.
The line was silent for a long moment. Finally, a sigh escaped the officer’s lips.
You drive a hard bargain Mr. Corvan.
No one ever called me a nice detective, Just an exceptionally talented one. Corvan cracked his first grin of the morning.
I’ll be there in an hour. He hung up without giving officer Jones the chance to respond.