The gym

Reading Time: 2 minutes Apparently the gym is where you can meet guys.

Reading Time: 2 minutes
The gyms are packed to the brim with seasonal exercise enthusiasts. More people are pumped and ready to go to the gym, and along with that comes an added measure of awkward exchanges between single men and women at the gym. I hear that lots of girls meet guys at the gym, but I am not one of those girls.

The gym is not a place where I would find my type. This is probably because my type is not the athletic type but the more artsy type, but some girls go for these guys. I am so curious about how this happens, because I have never seen a guy hit on a girl at the gym. I suppose that may tell you how often I go.

There is a strange culture in the gym, that’s for sure. For some reason all of the norms that happen outside of the gym change when a person is pumping iron. I have yet to completely understand what the difference is, but there is something.

The other day, I was at my apartment gym, and while I was running, a guy was working out as well. It is very strange to watch the way guys work out. They will be lifting heavy things, grunting and all, then, they will walk out of the gym and come back fifteen seconds later. This strange ritual happens every few minutes it seems.

With all of this curiosity, I decided to watch gym people more closely. Last week as I was working out, I noticed something interesting.

When I went to the gym I studied the way people interacted with each other. I hoped to gain some great knowledge, but after riding the bike for hours, I only came away with one thing to report.

One of the guys was preparing to lift some free weights while looking in the mirror. He then suddenly proceeded to take off his shirt and flex in the mirror. I have got to say, he was less wimpy than I anticipated.

Among those who came to the gym, most were men. I assume this is why I don’t understand gym culture.

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