The distance

Reading Time: < 1 minute Many girls get together online to help each other through their long distance relationships.

Reading Time: < 1 minute
Word on the street is that every relationship in Utah Valley ended the day the Latter Day Saint mission age was lowered to 18 and 19. If this is the case, there will be fewer long distance relationships to keep track of, but more than likely, a lot more people will now be waiting and dating long distance.

Long distance relationships are tricky. I usually give up before that ever happens, but I do have a friend who is dating a missionary, and I have gone through it with her. My friend’s missionary returns in eight months and she has gone through anxiety, doubt and impatience during her wait. However, she has found solace in a few different places as she waits.

Early on in their long distance relationship, she went to Build-a-Bear Workshop in the mall to get a missionary bear. A guy who was working there said that this was a popular thing to do while a missionary was out. A missionary bear is any bear chosen at Build-a-Bear, dressed in a shirt and tie and name-tag, the customary missionary uniform.

Another thing Emily has done is join supportive social media pages. She has been accepted onto a Facebook page for people who are dating missionaries. Apparently, you have to apply and be accepted onto this page, but once you are on, the page becomes a community to confide in.

I think it is cute and stupid for people to wait for missionaries and not date. This is because I think it is great to date. It’s a good opportunity to have fun and learn about yourself instead of putting social things on hold.

Tiffany S. Thatcher Life Writer [email protected]