The diet takes over

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some people get so driven to lose weight that they let their relationships become last priority.

Reading Time: 2 minutes
You are sitting down to dinner with your family on a weekend visit. The food is being passed around the table, and when the plates are full, you only took salad and fruit. The hours spent on cooking are wasted for one plate at the table.

Diets are great, especially when they work. However, sometimes while you are gaining a thin and toned body, you lose ground in relationships.

Last year I had a roommate who kept a scale right in the entryway of the kitchen, along with a piece of paper on the fridge that gave her motivation and logged her progress.

My roommate not only kept her weight goals and instruments in plain sight, but she was weighing herself before and after meals. I didn’t notice these things as much since I wasn’t home very often, but her unhealthy habits started having negative effects on the other two girls living with me.

by Laura Fox _-4BWBoth of these girls began to have trouble with their self-image. I don’t know exactly how severe it was, but one of them may have thrown up her food once or twice. Although the dieting roommate made some progress with her weight goals, other things were clearly being sacrificed.

Dieting should be done with care, and dieters shouldn’t put the diet before friends. I really think this happens more than we realize. There are other ways that a diet can come between people.

Some say when a person looses a lot of weight while married, they often come across fidelity issues or opportunities. Often a person has not experienced this much physical admiration in their whole life and doesn’t know what to do with all the attention.

Not everyone will struggle with having their diet take over, but for those who do, one tip I would give is to be moderate in your goals. Also, it is good to put the diet on hold while at social occasions. This way you are not rejecting food that was made for you by family or friends. Feelings will be saved, and relationships won’t suffer.