The Attraction

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Attraction is an interesting thing. I have noticed that many base their attraction on a first love, a first kiss or a first crush. Another determining factor when it comes to attraction is culture.

When I went to Snow College there was a house where a bunch of guys from Hong Kong and Macau lived. I was invited to their party – a hot pot party. You should Google it – it’s a fun tradition in the Chinese culture. I had heard from another close friend that in their culture, the features that are most notable when it comes to beauty are the nose and teeth. Later when looking at the photos on Facebook, I realized that all of the girls who were invited had great noses and teeth. As it turns out, those boys had a bunch of hotties over for dinner that night.

Another experience I had with my own taste in men was at Snow College as well. I acquired a taste for Polynesians, but it didn’t happen all at once. In fact, early on, I remember a Polynesian friend mention the good looking nature of the men in his race. I was confused by his comment, because I didn’t see it. Later it became very clear to me what he was talking about. In fact, it took me years to dilute this taste and open my eyes to Caucasian men.

There are also interesting things about the way people decide what is attractive here in Utah Valley. My friend Oscar Piaggo (previously mentioned in the “Doorstep” article), told me that guys in Utah think anyone is beautiful if they are thin. Since I have heard that Utah is one of the top states for obesity, I could see how this makes sense. Other cultures may like the curvy women more.

I honestly don’t know that I have a firm grasp on what is attractive to men around here. It would take me a few days of impersonating a man and sitting with the guys. I would go to the Los Angeles where there are lots of them watching girls walk by. That is what it would take to really understand what men generally think is attractive.

In my experience, I have learned that African and African American men acquire more of a curvy taste. I happen to be a curvy gal myself, and while sitting at the bus stop in my stretchy pants one summer afternoon, I had two guys who fit into this category come and hit on me within six minutes. I take that to mean something.

What is beauty? Well, there is some science to it, but other than that it all depends on what you are used to. Although we make these decisions early on, they can change and new definitions can be acquired. I have recently become accustomed to my boyfriend’s amazing blue eyes, something I never appreciated before.