Take a dance class: Dancing isn’t just for performers

Reading Time: 3 minutes

One of the hardest parts of getting a degree is finding classes to fill the required elective credits. The easiest and most common way to solve this difficulty is finding classes that are enjoyable and seem interesting.

Taking a dance class is a terrific way to fulfill those required elective credits. The dance department offers a wide variety of classes that are open for any student of any declared major.

Shanna Weight, a jazz dance professor, said, “I encourage anyone who has ever wanted to dance to take a class. I feel like dance is for everyone whether they are a ‘dancer’ or not.”

Plenty of technique courses are offered such as modern, ballet, ballroom, jazz, conditioning, hip hop, clogging, folk and African dance. Matriculation into the dance program is not required to register for these classes.

Doris Trujillo, the dance department chair, said that African dance has been offered at UVU for the past twelve years.

We are thrilled that dance artist Kevin Giddens will be teaching the course this semester. He will be introducing various dances and music from throughout Africa,” Trujillo said.

During the first week of classes, students will be evaluated and placed in the proper technique level based on their current skills and abilities. The purpose of this is for each student to get the most out of the class they are in.

Beyond technique classes, the dance department also offers specialty courses pertaining to dance. Dance and technology, a film class focused on dance, is available for registration every other spring semester. The next time this class will be offered will be spring 2019.

If a student wants to dance but doesn’t want to register for a class, there are other options. Dance clubs are also available on campus in which any and allmajors are invited. As of right now, the department has hip hop club, tap club, and choreography club.

Brianna Larson, the academic advisor for the dance department recommends viewing the course catalog if you are considering registering for a dance class. There are courses within the dance department that are no longer offered, so Larson advises students to read the catalog thoroughly.

All in all, any dance class on the course catalog that does not require pre-requisites or advanced standing are available and open for any major to participate in. If nerves come into play when considering taking a dance class, just remember, dance majors are not the only type of students who can dance on campus.