Summer Movie Previews and Predictions Part Two

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This is the second of a three-part series. The first discussed movies being released in June of 2011 and was released on June 6. . This part will discuss movies being released in July 2011 and will be published on June 20. The last will discuss movies being released in August 2011 and will be published on July 18.


The Perfect Host, Thriller, July 1, Rated R

This looks awesome! First, we don’t get to see David Hyde Pierce nearly enough. He’s brilliant. In this role he plays a man, who seems normal enough, at home preparing for a “dinner party” when a bank robber bursts into his home looking for a place to hide. Pierce seems weak and willing to submit when suddenly things are not what they seem. Turns out all of the “guests” of Pierce’s dinner party are figments of his demented imagination. The robber is now at the mercy of this off-balanced psycho, who, in classic David Hyde Pierce, is still a gentleman, which makes it all the more unsettling.

Verdict: Go See It.


Larry Crowne, Romance/Comedy, July 1, Rated PG-13

It looks like both Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are taking another swing at the whole Rom-Com genre. Hanks plays our middle-aged protagonist who is fired from his job. He goes to a community college where Roberts is his professor. The film looks charming, in that Romantic-Comedy fuzzy kind of way. Normally, I do not recommend Rom-Coms because of their predictable & cliché storyline. However, the added element of a middle-aged man going to college in order to find another career will hit home for many people.

Verdict: Go See It.

Monte Carlo, Romance/Comedy, July 1, Rated PG

Following the tired Rom-Com storytelling, “Monte Carlo” features the wildly unrealistic story of three recently high school graduate friends on a trip to Paris. One of the girls, played by Selena Gomez, inexplicably looks exactly like some princess. The girls then play out a “Prince and the Pauper” scenario without the Pauper. The film looks trite, unbelievable and ridiculously impossible. While audiences are expected to suspend their disbelief while watching a movie, this film’s premise is a tough one to swallow.

Verdict: Don’t Waste Your Life


Horrible Bosses, Comedy, July 8, Not Yet Rated

The perfect escape film for students working lousy summer jobs, “Horrible Bosses” stars Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis who all work for horrible human beings. After all three are pushed passed their limit, they consult with Jamie Foxx on how best to kill their bosses. While the film hints at having crude humor for cheap laughs, it does look genuinely funny. And with Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey playing the ‘horrible bosses,’ audiences are in for a treat.

Verdict: Go See It


Zookeeper, Comedy, July 8, Rated PG

A comedy about a romantically hopeless zookeeper who is helped out in his dating life by his animal charges, “Zookeeper” offers very little that we haven’t already seen in Kevin James’s previous films. It seems like film studios are trying to make James be the same type of character Ben Stiller played in “Night at the Museum.” The only trouble is Stiller was a likable character. James is not. He’s so hopeless and pathetic, we spend too much time feeling sorry for the guy and not enough time rooting for him.

Verdict: Don’t Waste Your Life


Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, Family, July 15, Not Yet Rated

Okay, the truth is I’m not a huge fan of this film series. However, since I am an extreme minority in this opinion, you should go see it.

Verdict: Go See It


Captain America: The First Avenger, Action/Adventure, July 22, Not Yet Rated

Lately Marvel has put out some really great films, with the exception of unnecessary “three-quels.” “Captain America” seems to be up to that same standard of quality superhero storytelling. Faithful to the comics while drawing in a new crowd, I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes the most at the box office this summer. Not to mention, the bad guys are Nazis. Who doesn’t enjoy a movie where Nazis get their trash kicked?

Verdict: Go See It.


Friends with Benefits, Comedy, July 22, Not Yet Rated

Didn’t they already make this movie? **Cough, Cough, “No Strings Attached”, Cough, Cough**

Verdict: Don’t Waste Your Life


Cowboys & Aliens, Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi, July 29, Not Yet Rated

Daniel Craig plays our hero who wakes up with no memories & an odd shackle on his wrist. The locals don’t seem to care for him but must join forces in order to save themselves from the invading aliens. I know, it sounds like a horrible B-movie concept. But the film looks promising, combining the reluctant hero with the fear of the unknown. Plus, I like Daniel Craig. He’s rugged, stoic, and has the most enchanting blue eyes I have ever seen. And with the James Bond movies on hiatus until further notice, we need to see Craig in more kick-ass roles. I hope this one will suit him.

Verdict: Go See It.


Crazy, Stupid, Love, Comedy, July 29, PG-13

A film whose title gives us the entire focus of the movie, “Crazy, Stupid, Love” tells the story of a couple, played by Steve Carell and Julianne Moore, whose marriage falling apart and their struggle to get it back together. This is meshed with the story of a young male player, played by Ryan Gosling, who meets a girl, played by Emma Stone, and suddenly finds himself in love for the first time and has no idea what to do. This all-star cast also has Marisa Tomei and Kevin Bacon in it somewhere, which is always exciting. A feel good movie for the summer, “Crazy, Stupid, Love” looks refreshing and fun.

Verdict: Go See It.


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