Summer Fever

“I’d rather be outside than be stuck in a classroom,” said Daniel Moulton, a student taking six credits for first block.

“Hiking, fishing, boating, swimming, but it’s nice that [class] is only a month and a half.”

Jenni Jessop, another student, agrees with Moulton that there seems to be better things to do than homework.

“There are more distractions,” Jessop said.

The movies portray this feeling by showing kids in school looking longingly out the window at the good weather, but for student Shirley Luo this is not a problem since her classroom is in the basement. She wishes she could at least see outside during the day.

“My classroom has no windows,” Luo said.

Luo thinks it is worth it to go to school in the summer since it will help her get done faster, but sometimes she wishes she wasn’t tied down with homework.

“I don’t like it when everyone is enjoying the sun on vacation, but I have to study,” Luo said.

Khris Rhodes also feels this way. Rhodes is from Florida, and this is his first semester at UVU.

“The classes I like, the homework I don’t,” Rhodes said. “It eats up a lot of my time. Biggest mistake I ever made.”

Some students don’t have a problem taking class in the summer. Kasia Rouse and Banessa Liufau find it easy to wake up for school, since they are dance students and enjoy their classes.

“If I were taking normal classes in the summer then I would want to shoot myself,” Liufau said.

Liufau is glad she only has dance classes to worry about for the summer, but Rouse, a fellow dancer, thinks that summer is a good opportunity to get the less desirable classes over with.

“If you don’t like a class, then just take it in the summer,” Rouse said. “You can get it over with quicker. That’s why I’m taking English.”

Jordan Routt believes summer school is a good opportunity, even without all the fun.

“It’s part of the sacrifice,” Routt said. “But I am actually loving summer school right now.”


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