Students set goals for spring semester

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Utah Valley University students are coming back to classes after a long pause filled with holiday celebration with family and friends. For some students this semester might be their last, for others, it might be their first and the rest might be somewhere in between. Some are focusing on learning the best possible ways to study, and some are simply trying to maintain their grades. Either way, it’s good to set goals going into every semester.

Typically the new year brings about change and new beginnings, many students have hopes going into the new year and the new semester. Whether the goal is working hard toward maintaining their GPA or working hard at some of their talents, UVU students plan on achieving the goals they set.

Wolverines have many opportunities to grow during the spring semester, most of them got the hang of things during the fall. 

“I love UVU,” said Katrina Sorenson, a junior at UVU. “It’s been really nice to be able to be closer to my family and I really love the environment here. I feel like the professors are all amazing and overall it’s been a great experience for me.”

Every student’s experience is different and there are a wide variety of degrees, departments and clubs to choose from. 

“This will be my second semester at UVU,” Sorenson continued. “This coming semester I am just trying to do well and keep up on all of my work. I’m trying to do as many credits as possible each semester. I want to be successful and get good grades in all my classes this spring.”

“Going into this next semester, I hope to get better at time management,” said Grace Fillmore, a sophomore at UVU. “I tend to procrastinate and overwork myself at times. I also hope to get to know more people, and be more active in the social aspect of UVU.” 

Going into the spring semester, students should try and stick with the goals they created and build from there.

“Setting goals for each semester is important because it allows us to reflect on our previous achievements and struggles, and measure progress in a healthy way,” Fillmore continued. “It’s rewarding, and it helps organize the things we want to achieve.” 

In order for students to stay on top of their work for this semester, they should always be looking at Canvas for assignments and other things regarding their coursework. Wolverines can also reach out to their professors if they need any help accomplishing their academic-related goals.