Students of UVU: Aaron Hurt

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Aaron Hurt, 25, is a student at Utah Valley University who is no stranger to the arts. Aaron is the creator of a versatile YouTube channel, member of Shrink the Giant, artist, and photographer who has perfected his artistic abilities over the years

Art had always been an interest of Aaron’s. Even in elementary school Aaron was always excited about drawing. Drawing became something that he enjoyed and could help him relieve stress. Along with drawing, he also likes to dabble in photography.

Q: What kinds of things do you like to draw?

  1. I like to draw people. It used to be deranged monsters… I had a teacher call my parents because I would always draw these deranged monsters. There was nothing wrong, I just liked drawing [them]. So, I always had a thing for horror. But mostly realism portraits.

Up until middle school, Aaron didn’t know what a guitar was. When Aaron got to middle school, he wanted to join the band class. In a room full of instruments that he had never played before, the drums stuck out to him the most. Aaron was able to join the South Summit school drumline because of his interest in the drums and his natural ability. Around this same time, he also started to learn how to play the guitar. In 2010, a band called Shrink the Giant was formed and Aaron became the bands lead guitarist. He was the guitarist for five years until the band’s recent hiatus.

Q: Tell me a about your band Shrink the Giant.

A: “When I moved back home to Kamas in 2010, that’s when Shrink the Giant started. We went on to self-record and self-produce two albums, toured California and did a big show with Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons and Group Love Nation.”

In order to better show case his artistic and musical talents, Aaron created a YouTube channel. His YouTube channel titled AARON HURT consists of comedy sketches, music videos, short horror films, rap songs and art lapse time videos.

Q: What are you working on for your YouTube channel right now and what can we expect to see in the future?

A: We do tons of fun rap songs with big groups of people… I’m really passionate about music so I like to record music all by myself then record a video on my own and upload [to] see what happens… [I also] have a butt rap that has been in production for a year.

From sketching human faces, to preforming in front on hundreds of people, Aaron Hurt is a modern day UVU renaissance man. His well-rounded artist personality showcases just how naturally talented and dedicated he is.