Students on London Study Abroad share what they learned in a foreign country

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There is no better way to learn about Shakespeare than reading his plays in London, then going to see the play performed at The Globe Theatre according to Annika Clark, UVU English graduate and former participant in the London Study Abroad.

“[The program] allowed me to be immersed in literature even more and encourage me to pursue higher education. To be able to experience what I was learning directly allowed me to gain a new level of understanding and curiosity,” Clark said.

The study abroad trip to London, led by Rick McDonald, professor of English, and Phil Gordon, associate professor of communication, is the perfect opportunity for any student who is looking to get a few school credits out of the way while traveling the world and exploring new cities.

“I do not know of any students who did not enjoy themselves. [Students do] not regret doing a study aboard,” McDonald said. “I’ve spoken to people years later who remember the trip and are thrilled about it. You learn a lot, and you also learn a lot about yourself because you’re in a foreign country for six weeks.”

Study abroad students attend class Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This schedule allows students to travel on the weekends. Sometimes they travel around England or take a trip to France or Ireland. Classes are held in the morning and, at least once a week, one of the two professors will take the students on an excursion after class to a place around the city. These excursions could include trips to the museum of London, the British museum or other famous landmarks. Every excursion has something to do with what the students are learning in their classes.

“I was able to balance [homework and traveling] without much trouble. Rick McDonald, who led our program, did a great job of weaving together instruction and the places we were visiting, so a lot of the touring we did felt relevant to our coursework,” said Stephen Allen, UVU English graduate and former London Study Abroad attendee.

The hefty cost of a study abroad and the six weeks away from home and work are almost incomparable to the experiences and the lessons learned in the foreign country.

This year the study abroad is offering classes in communication and English literature. The early bird application deadline is Dec. 15.