Streets of Philadelphia

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Photo credit: Brooke Morrill and Nicola Pritchett


Kyle Spencer| Managing Editor @kyledspencer 

The City of Brotherly Love welcomed members of the UVU Review staff for a five-day visit to attend the Associated Collegiate Press/College Media Association 2014 convention. As we learned from print, digital and photo journalists alike, we gleaned insights on what allowed them to land their jobs and what we can do now to become professionals. The city, replete with rich historical sites, was accommodating and provided experiences that allowed us to better get to know it as we filled our free time with tours, ghost hunts and trips to taverns.

Despite its lack of departmental emphasis on journalism, UVU shows it values the efforts of Review staffers by sending us each year to the hub of college journalism training.


Brianna Bailey | Lifestyle Editor @briannabailey14 

Having the opportunity to travel to Philadelphia for educational purposes was more than ideal. Being selected as one of six students truly was not only a compliment but made me further appreciate the trip and all that it had to offer. Besides the obvious perks of being able to visit rich historic sites such as Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and Washington Square Park, it’s an amazing experience to be able to learn from some of the most elite and successful individuals in your industry. Not only listening to them but networking and conversing with them as well.

You’re able to discover how to successfully apply your skills and talents to further yourself in your career as a student and graduate. It’s also enlightening to meet students with similar ambitions and talents as you. You develop relationships you know you will hold onto for years to come and create memories you will never forget.

I’m truly grateful for the being able to attend conventions to better myself as not only a student but also a journalist.


Brooke Morrill | Photo Director @brookemorrill 

As a photographer, I was in love with the city. There was always something to soak in; whether it was the colonial architecture from the 1700’s or the bustling life of the Reading Market, I was enthralled. The ACP conference was just as great!

One of my favorite lectures was given by Amy Webb, who talked about emerging technology that will change how news is received. I highly enjoyed learning from professional journalism photographers that taught me how to remain calm in highly chaotic moments…which I know will come in hand at all UVU games, of course!


Alex Sousa | Editor-In-Chief @twofistedsousa 

I’ve always learned more in a new place than I ever did sitting at a desk. It’s hard to see other options when I’m being spoon-fed an education. Going away to Philadelphia, talking to professionals, talking to other students from around the country lets me see other ways of doing things, other paths I could take.

It helps me see just what good this education actually is and where it can take me, instead of just following what I think is right or what my professors tell me is right.


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