Spring street style

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Photo credit: Melissa Henrie

Students share secrets and inspiration for dressing head-to-toe.


1: How would you describe your style?

2: Where are your favorite places to shop?

3: Where do you get outfit inspiration?

4: How important is style to you?


Joshua Sutherland

Sophomore | Computer Science major.

1. “I’m aspiring for the entrepreneur look. I’m not saying I’m successful yet, but I’m trying to dress the part.”

(jeans, screen tee, blazer)

2.“Banana Republic, Macy’s, Men’s Wearhouse, H&M”

3. “After living in Hong Kong for two years, I really like the European look.”

4. “It’s important because it puts me into the right mood, right mind frame and the image I’m trying to convey to other people.”












Kalee Doyle

Freshmen | Theater Arts major

1. “Whatever I’m feeling that day. I try to go for more of a retro look.”

(track pants, peplum top, flats, sunglasses)

2. “Little random shops. Cherry Lane Boutique in Provo, Forever 21, Famous Footwear and Burlington coat factory.”

3. “I’m all about Pinterest, there’s fun stuff there. I like to watch old movies that have old retro style.”

4. “Style is important and you should try more of what you feel. Fashion comes and goes, but style is what you like to wear.”









Melissa.Henrie-1215Michael Jones

Junior | Pre-Engineering major

1.“My style is casual, artsy, threadless shirts and art prints. Definitely slim fitting, I hate baggy clothes, they aren’t comfortable.”

(cardigan, v neck, beanie, headphones)

2.“Express, Pac Sun and Threadless.com”

3.“I don’t know that I do have inspiration; I just wear what I want to wear. We all know what hipsters look like, I went for that look today.” “If I had the money, I would dress like Joseph Gordon Levitt.”

4.“I feel like style is fairly important. It’s how you express your personality and world view on your manner of dress.”












BreAnna Elzinga

Freshmen |Nursing Major

1. “I like the hipster look but sometimes classy looks as well.”

(high waisted denim shorts, screen tee and converse

2. “Cotton On, Forever 21, We are the hairy people (online), H&M, Nordstrom.”

3. “I get inspiration from things on TV and online. Shows like ‘Vampire Diaries’ and things off Pinterest.”

4. “Style is important to me because it shows individuality and [it] is fun to have your own style.”

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