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Are UVU students more inclined to get into relationships during spring? From what I have seen, it doesn’t seem to be so. Most agree that love happens during the summer nights. It makes sense to wait when there is so much to do during the school semesters. Like Krystyl Parker, a senior at UVU getting a degree in geology, who believes for her, it’s best to wait with the workload she has placed on herself.

“I’ve got a lot going on.” Parker said. “A relationship would make me more stressed out.”

But there are others who don’t agree to wait. Sydney Joyner, a sophomore at UVU getting a degree in elementary education, has been in a relationship for six months. She doesn’t care if she is in a relationship or not, she doesn’t let school get in the way.

Spring - Laura Fox-webParker looked stressed when I did approach her, as if her life was one giant doughnut she could never finish, no matter how much she wished she could.

It’s not always like that. It didn’t seem to be like that for Talon Baler a sophomore studying dance. He isn’t in a relationship. In fact, he just got out of one that was over a year and a half long. He didn’t specify, but I don’t believe it was because of school.

“I’ve only had two relationships in my life that were that long.” Baler said. “The rest were maybe two or three months long.”

Parker’s last relationship was only two months long and just recently ended.

Not only did it seem relationships happened during the summer, but people generally wanted slow and committed relationships, a thought much different than what is advertised by the public on college relationships. Then again, this is UVU. Everyone here is either married or going to be married.

“There’s more sense of security in a [committed] relationship.” Joyner said. “My relationships start out as a best friend then they grow from there.”

Baler agrees, but he goes much further. Even when he’s dating he knows what he wants.

“I just like to focus my attentions on one person,” Baler said. “Even when I’m just dating.”

Spring love may be just for the animals. Humans, at least ones that go to UVU, don’t usually have relationships in the spring unless it feels right. For Parker’s family, it isn’t summer or spring that finds love.

“[Love] it has always been in the fall for my family.” Parker said.

Love is a funny thing, never seems to go by what Disney says, but there is always someone who dies so I don’t know if anyone necessarily wants the Disney way of life.